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Our Vision

Harnessing the power of natural materials

Nature is awe-spiring. Over millions of years, it has evolved to produce materials that have unique properties that are essential for nature to survive and mature. Through the scientific study of nature at a molecular level, we can harness the power and functionality of natural materials that have shown effective results in skincare, natural dyeing and even medicinal formulations. At Keracol, we believe in circular economy and sustainability, focusing on extraction of these unique natural ingredients from upcycled waste plant materials. Building formulations with sustainability at the core of product design means sustainability trickles through all the way to end user.

Our Origins

Where scientific excellence meets sustainable products and processes

Keracol is dedicated to sustainable practices, and the whole team contributes through their own expertise and commitment to limit our impact on the environment.

We are a group of passionate scientists that enjoy tackling the most challenging technical and scientific problems, working to develop our own new products and processes, and helping other businesses to improve the sustainability of their own activities.

People are at the centre of our business relationships. We believe in celebrating our team, and our diversity, whilst also investing in personal and professional development at individual levels.

Our Expertise

From natural material sources to effective products

We bring our expertise in the area of sustainable sourcing, natural material extraction and characterisation, with formulation and product development in a variety of areas, including cosmetics, coloration, and new materials.