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The Company
Our Vision

At Keracol we harness the power of natural materials to develop new, sustainable products. Our diverse R&D team showcases expertise and experience ranging from substrate colouration and colour measurement, organic chemistry, protein science, advanced purification and analytical methods, through to product formulation. Working with our established partners, this enables us to identify and isolate new active ingredients from plant materials, with the capability to take them all the way through to final products.

We believe in being gentle on the planet while researching new avenues for sustainable fibres and dyes, upcycling waste plant materials for skincare formulations and other diverse projects with sustainable practices in place.

Keracol is an innovative company pushing the boundaries of Science and Nature. Our ongoing Business-Business collaborations require our involvement from the point of harvest of a natural material to extraction, refinement, and finally successful product formulation. Sustainability is at the heart of our work and is embedded in every aspect of what we do.

Global demand for more sustainable practices is ever increasing, and we are at the forefront of this movement willing to partner with companies that have a similar ethos.

The Company
Our Origins
Prof. Richard Blackburn and Prof. Chris Rayner began working together nearly 20 years ago. They shared an interest in sustainability, but from quite different perspectives, Richard being an expert on coloration and materials chemistry, and Chris in extraction, CO2 chemistry, and organic chemistry. In the summer of 2011, they formed Keracol as a means to commercialise some of the results of various research projects they had been working on. From its inception, collaboration and multi-disciplinarity were key elements on which Keracol was founded and the company has now grown into a diverse, highly experienced team. Everyone at Keracol is committed to working towards a more sustainable planet, and we all have our own areas of extensive expertise where we can contribute. We are a group of passionate scientists that enjoy tackling the most challenging technical and scientific problems, working to develop our own new products and processes, and helping other businesses to improve the sustainability of their own activities. People are at the centre of our business relationships. We believe in celebrating our team, and our diversity, whilst also investing in personal and professional development at individual levels.
The Company‚Äč
Our Expertise

With a common background in chemistry we all speak the same language. Each member of the team has a distinct expertise developed through study, personal interests and hobbies. This is what makes-up the fantastic and colourful team.