Divorces that fall to the tribal jurisdiction

Does a State court hold a Jurisdiction Over Native American Couples In Divorce, Domestic Relations And Marital Assets? Throughout the years and we guess over dozens of cases, the United States Supreme Court has made it clear that Native American tribes are not regulated by the state’s laws and are self-governing and sovereign entities whose powers are only limited by the federal government. As a result, reservations are considered independent of state and…

HR management using Big Data is on the rise!

In our days human resources are the most vital thing that any company, whether it’s working in IT or not, has. Thanks to our modern culture, the value of each employee’s input is highly valuable, and hence becomes a subject for an in-depth analysis and optimization. With big data getting into every field these days, we took it into account as well and tried to incorporate it into our HR and recruiting management methods…

IT: using visual “hotzones” for market research among customers

There are many practical and experimental ways nowadays to get the customer’s mind analyzed. This “hotzones” trend lets us all see a much wider scope on how people react and interact with the web and hardware these days. So let’s try to analyze, which marketing researches can employ such a feature? An industry which jumped the bandwagon of that niche first was advertising, public relations and marketing..

Bringing a new CFO at the time of crisis?

There are many different approaches for saving a company during a period of a financial meltdown. Hiring a new Chief Financial Officer may seem like an obvious managerial solution from that list. But actually, is it the best decision? The question is so controversial as it’s rooted deeply into what causes the crisiss themselves… Oftentimes the main issue lies not within the bookkeeping or investment sectors, but rather in an R&D and marketing departments.