truly sustainable
sources of natural
raw materials

In 2011, Keracol was founded by two academics, Prof. Richard Blackburn and Prof. Chris Rayner, with the aim of bringing innovations resulting from research in sustainability from the University of Leeds to the general public.

Keracol’s expertise in the field of natural ingredients goes beyond its health and beauty benefits, and investigates the use of truly sustainable sources of natural raw materials, and green processes to refine and select the desired components.

Our Expertise

Practical Applications

We bring our expertise in the area of sustainable sourcing, natural material extraction and characterisation, with formulation and product development in a variety of areas, including cosmetics, coloration, and new materials.

Robust and objective testing, from the use of state-of-the-art analytical techniques to in vitro tests are carried out by our dedicated scientific team.



Our team commitment towards environmental, social and economical sustainability has taken us into a challenging but rewarding journey with the aim of turning Waste into Gold. We collect waste generated by the farming and food processing industry and isolate and refine the high value components into innovative and functional natural ingredients for personal care products. 

Research and Production

At Keracol, we have a broad range of equipment essential for extraction, formulation and characterisation of our extracts, as well as methods to determining their performance in a wide range of coloration, cosmetic and personal care applications.

Lab-scale extraction and formulation

20 L reactor for plant material extraction

50 L formulation

Colour application and measurement equipment

Analytical Expertise

Awards and Collaborations