IT: using visual “hotzones” for market research among customers

There are many practical and experimental ways nowadays to get the customer’s mind analyzed. This “hotzones” trend lets us all see a much wider scope on how people react and interact with the web and hardware these days. So let’s try to analyze, which marketing researches can employ such a feature? An industry which jumped the bandwagon of that niche first was advertising, public relations and marketing..

Is it viable now for IT companies to file an IPO?

It’s no dotcom bubble burst today as it was at the verge of the last century and the beginning of the new millennium. But still, though Internet and the IT industry are not that young and volatile anymore, with so many different trends attracting investment funding, is it wise for a company to file an IPO at this time in the stock’s history or not? We’ve delved into the latest cases of IT IPOs to see whether it is a smart decision to do for anyone beyond the Google or Tumblr’s scale…